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45th Reunion


As of this date, September 28, 2017, the plan is to hold the 45th Reunion at the home of Phil Niedzielski. Phil lives on the east edge of Portage and has plenty of room for a weekend of getting together.

We anticipate a Friday evening bonfire, a Saturday pig roast or some similar method of feeding a crowd, more music and bonfire, and then a Sunday morning of some type of breakfast and goodbyes. The topic of a golf outing came up, so it hasn’t been ruled out.

Phil’s place has a pole barn in the event of inclement weather, room for tents, campers, etc., and he has recently put in an above the ground pool. Port-a-potties are on the list of things to provide, and we’ll ask folks to bring something to help provide the main meal on Saturday.

The date has not been decided. Sometime when cooler weather may be possible. Early summer is usually tied up with weddings, vacations, graduations, etc., but later summer may be too warm. Suggestions are welcome!

This plan is an attempt to lower the costs for everyone and provide an entire weekend of fun for those who come. Less formal, more casual, and more cost effective.

As always, we welcome suggestions and assistance!